Syria: Big Explosion in Homs 08/01/2013 (different angle)

A huge explosion at a weapons depot rocked the city of Homs sending a fireball hundreds of feet into the air and killing 22.

Video of the blast was posted on YouTube by activists opposing the Bashar al Assad regime, who said dozens had also been wounded.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: "At least 22 people, including civilians, were killed and dozens wounded, some seriously, when an ammunitions depot blew up in the pro-regime Wadi al-Zahab district after rocket fire, most probably by rebels."

It said that the munitions depot was operated by pro-regime militias.

The bomb attacks, which caused a significant amount of damage to the neighbouring area, appeared significantly larger than most explosives that have been used during the the two-year conflict.

The neighbourhood is majority Alawite, the same sect as President Bashar al-Assad.