Brexit would be bad for security in Europe warns Nato chief

NATO-boss Stoltenberg warns about Brexit and Chairman of the council, Jens Stoltenberg, is worried about what will happen if the Brits votes out of EU in 3 days. Stoltenberg straight forward tell that he's worried about insecurity.
- We need a strong UK in a strong Europe. In times of insecurity we don't need a more fragmented Europe. It would weaken our common safety, Stoltenberg says to VG.

NATO-HQ fears that if the Brits votes for exit that it would create new fronts, Stoltenberg looks at history and tells that old contradictions and conflicts between countries in Europe, such as UK and France, would reignite to prevent seamless co-operation against the biggest threats to Europe, such as Russias unpredictability and terror from Middle East.

- It would weaken our common safety. Neither NATO or United Kindom are favored with increased insecurity and unpredictability, Secretary General of NATO says. [Commentary fields urge UK to leave, and gives the finger to Stoltenberg]



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