5 feared dead after Cessna aircraft crashed into a home in Kent

(aerial view)
A PRIVATE plane allegedly carrying five people has crashed into homes in Farnborough, Kent, the police have said.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they were called just before 2.40pm to Broadwater Gardens following a report of an aircraft crashing into residential properties.

The ambulance service and fire brigade have been sent to the scene. The situation regarding casualties is not yet known.

The aircraft landed with a ?roar," destroying the roof of one house and sending black smoke billowing into the air.

Eyewitnesses said they saw the plane hit a house and burst into flames. According to reports one house has been 100 per cent destroyed while another is still ablaze.

One other pilot said he heard over a radio that the plane was carrying five passengers.

The situation regarding casualties is not known.

The plane is believed to be a Cessna eight-seater executive jet.

John Waite, who lives just quarter of a mile from where the plane came down, said: "I was just sitting in the garden and I heard this very loud engine noise. There was black smoke which was pouring out for about five minutes after the crash."

Mr Waite added: "I am just worried about those people in the plane. And all those people who were in the houses. I hope nobody was in the house at the time."