Video Fly with a research rocket from start to landing

European Space and Sounding Rocket Range, Kiruna in Sweden,
Max acceleration
~12,3 g

Flight time to apogee
~261 s


MAPHEUS – Materialphysikalische Experimente unter Schwerelosigkeit, Material Physics under Microgravity Conditions
MAPHEUS is a DLR research rocket programme conducting annual launches of science payloads
initially dedicated to materials studies. In the first project phase 14" payloads have been
launched using a two stage Nike-Orion motor combination providingabout 3 minutes of reduced gravity at a level of better than 10-4g (MAPHUES 1-3) or on a single stage S30 motor providing about 4 minutes of reduced gravity at a level of better than 10-4 g (MAPHUES-4).
Experiments covered a wide range of materials physics topics such as gelation, granular dynamics,
diffusion, solidification, and the mixing of liquid metallic alloys.

MAPHEUS-5 is the first sounding rocket of the second project phase aiming now for a launch
of 17" science payloads with a two-stage S31/S30 motor combination reaching
about 6 minutes of reduced gravity at a level better than 10-4g.
Aboard MAPHEUS-5 besides materials physics payloads studying granular dynamics in 3D,
the chemical diffusion and the solidification of Al-base alloys using X-ray radiography in
real-time, and for the first time also thermophysical properties within anelectrostatic levitation facility, a biological experiment studying the growth of plants under microgravity will be launched.
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