Foreclosure protesters storm Covington and Burling

On the 22nd of May, the same protesters who have been hammering Eric Holder and the Department of Justice all week over "too big to fail" banks stormed the DC office of Holder's former law firm, Covington and Burling LLP.

Reuters reports that Holder and many top DOJ officials were connected to major mortage banks by their prior work art Convington, which has represented many or most of the major banks involved in questionable foreclosures. Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo are all clients of Convington and Burling LLP. In short, Convington symbolizes the "revolving door" between government and Wall St. interests.

The theme of the protest was to "stop the revolving door" and the civil disobediance element of the protest did exactly that, sitting in and blocking both of the revolving doors. When the larger group that had invaded the lobby withdrew after police warnings, the revolving door blockades remained in place.

According to one report 7 people were arrested in the revolving doors, and police took risks with the safety of the blockaders in the process of trying to move the doors to access some of the protesters.

Revolving doors can be folded up as well as rotated, so both ways of getting past the doors had to be secured to block the police. In response, police attempted to rotate or otherwise move the doors even when there was the risk of body parts being trapped.

For some reason, Taser-wielding Homeland Security cops were summoned to the scene by MPD when it was time to move arrestees out of the building. This time around, the Tasers were not fired.

All Tasers I've seen in the last three says in the hands of the FPS/Homeland Security goons were loaded with "extra penetration," 25 foot range cartridges with the green blast doors. All recent Taser incidents I've seen or heard about involving protesters appeared to have been at or near contact range. A 25 foot shot with the requirement that both probes land on target with a Taser is not easy to make.