Mass Invasion in Europe

here are dark times ahead, but do not despair and surrender. There is hope for our countries.

You may feel overwhelmed by the insanity, the incredible number of
immigrants and deceit of our governments, but there are groups that
fight the destruction of our countries, heritage and people.

Do not believe any of the lies that mainstream media tries to force feed you. If you are against immigration you are not a bad human being, not a racist, not heartless, not a "Nazi" and not hateful or dangerous. You simply want to preserve the land and culture of your ancestors and want a peaceful future for your children. It is the most natural thing for any nation to do. If anything, you are the ones who still have their heart in the right place. Do not ever feel ashamed. Many people think like you, they just don't dare saying anything because they don't want to be branded a racist by the media.

At current, replacement level low birth and immigration rates native Europeans will be a minority as early as 2035 in their own countries. If you want to see how a white minority is treated by other cultures, try visiting South Africa or any Muslim country. Do not tolerate the intolerant: The separation of church and state, freedom of religion, free speech, culture, manners and technology did not grow on trees. It took thousands of years to develop. Do not throw away what you have inherited from your ancestors.

Do not believe that the government will keep you safe. The
governments of European nations serve nobody except the US and Israel,
don't ever think that they act in your best interest.

There is a reason citizens in European countries are unarmed and have
regulations even for toy guns and knifes. What the government fears most
are citizens that think for themselves and are prepared for the worst.
You are not free. It is absolutely crucial that you are able to defend the lives of you and your family, because soon nobody else will.
Learn self defense skills, lift weights, do any kind of martial arts,
practice running, hiking and cardio. Be self sufficient: Learn first
aid, survival skills, stockpile food and water in your home. Read and
practice anything you can on living without modern commodities. Purchase
the most powerful means of self defense your local laws allow you. Join
a rifle club if you're able to. Preparing has nothing to do with being
paranoid and everything to do with responsibility - for yourself and
your family.

Be the most powerful, independent, intelligent, upstanding, educated, strong and self-sufficient version of yourself.
Be healthy, both in your mind and in your body. Do not fall for the
Cultural Marxist lies of "it's okay to be mediocre". Never waste away
and be degenerate, don't indulge in "pop culture". Sell your TV
immediately. Don't distract yourself, educate yourself on every useful
subject as much as possible. Learn sciences, politics, philosophy as
well as practical crafting and survival skills.

Mediocre and weak people, ironically the ones screaming the loudest for more immigration, will not survive in the bleak future they have created for us.
Their worthless, depressing existence made them crave their own
collective suicide. The Left is weak and the cancer killing our society.
Stay away from people with this destructive "we are all the
same"-mindset, surround yourself with strong, rational individuals

Find a loyal, decent, upstanding woman to marry. I know, thanks
to feminism and cultural degeneracy these have become rare, but they do
still exist. Stay together at all cost, maintain strong family values,
raise your kids as a loving parent and teach them to be strong and
independent. Have a happy family and find purpose in your life. Too many
people have been robbed of their fulfillment because they have been
manipulated into believing in "career over family", "emancipation",
"we're already overpopulated" or other suicidal ideologies.

Recent events in Lesbos, Greece and the riots in London, Paris and Stockholm or breakouts of violence in St. Louis and Baltimore have shown that unprepared citizens will risk getting raided, looted, raped hurt or killed if they are unprepared. This is happening in Greece as I type this, unprepared people have their homes raided and ran out of drinking water within a single day.

In many cities Europeans are already a minority and governments in
Sweden, Paris in the UK have designated "no-go" zones where not even the
police dares to enter. You must be able to react to any escalation.

You can join groups like Generation Identity, they have branches in all European countries and the US, vote for a Nationalist party on the next election and convince others to do the same. Print out stickers, flyers, spread the message
at your university or club. Spread the message on every forum you
frequent. Don't be silent, but don't be stupid. In some countries like
Germany or Sweden you can indeed get imprisoned for expressing your opinion and committing thought crimes, so do it smart.

Read books. Download Ebooks. Gather information and store it on your hard drive, because tomorrow it might be blocked, outlawed or censored like in Germany. is a project that allows you to store an offline backup of the full Wikipedia on your hard drive. Use a VPN whenever expressing something political if you live in a surveillance state like the UK, Germany or Sweden. Avoid posting anything under your real name.

Use alternative news sources like The European Guardian, Wikis like , and forums like

Assyria, Persia, ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire,
the Arab Empire, Mameluke Empire, Ottoman Empire, Spain, Romanov Russia
and the British Empire lasted no more than 250 years because they eventually succumbed to the Age of Decadence and lost all the virtues that made them great.

This Decadence is marked by:

Low birth rates
A strong influx of foreigners
The Welfare State
A weakening of religion

You are the ones who can save our people from extinction and being conquered by Muslims. Right now this is still possible without any violence, using only diplomacy, logic, reason and information exchange. If Europe does not wake up, in 30 years the only solution is war or defeat without meaningful resistance.

Tell everybody you know about what you know and think. Your close friends, you colleagues, your family.
Present your opinion in a calm, well structured and well behaved
banned. You don't want to be another one of these idiots spreading
insults and inciting violence, it'll only generate more sympathy for the
Left. Be reasonable, you have all statistics and arguments on your

Make them understand that these are not poor refugees that need our help but rather a carefully planned invasion by Isreal and their puppet US government that was initiated by destabilizing the middle East and serves no other purpose than replacing the native population with foreigners and plunging Europe into a perpetual state of civil war.

Good luck, brothers. - (youtube)