'New World Order' Power tops the Davos forum agenda

?My name is Michael Chertoff, I ran extermination OPS in Russia, I have dual citizenship and swear FULL allegiance to ISRAEL. I am the secretary of the Martial Law Enforcement arm of the New World Order. All of you goyim in America will soon find a new home in one of my 800+ FEMA camps. We will make sure you are sexually tortured (anally raped with large objects, battery acid to make sure your rectum is permanently scarred so you scream your guts out when you have to take a shit).

We will pull all your finger and toenails out, We will force to to deny your faith (after all, why do you think I am a member of the ADL?). Failure to deny your faith will result in your penis and testicles to be cut off and shoved in your mouth. We will have foreign troops rape your wives and children in front of you, and hold your eyelids back so you can?t look away. We will take copies of the former Constitution and Bill of Rights and burn them before your eyes. We will remove your eyeballs, and dismember you slowly and cauterize the wounds to keep you alive for as long as possible.

We will have our Blackwater troops gang rape your family, all while wearing the American flag patch proudly on their shoulders. All food we serve you will be maggot infested with a dash of human feces. All water we serve you will be heavily fluoride treated, to keep you nice and docile, just as was done in Germany. They never told you that fluoride was a pesticide waste by-product did they? Our plan worked well, we kept 275 million of you stupid American goyim dumbed down with our fluoride toothpaste and municipal water treatments, now you get to die for your stupidity.

For you hardcore ?patriot? scum, we have a special torture reserved for you. We will strap you down and force a 12? glass catheter into the tip of your penis, all the way in deep into your urethra, and then shatter it, and force you to drink lots of salt water. We will force to to recite ?I am sorry for ever protesting my government?, ?I am sorry for ever protesting my government?, over and over. Every time you fail to recite this, we will cut off a finger.

Then we will admit to you face to face that 9/11, Columbine, Virgina Tech, the USS Kohl bombing, the 1993 Trade Center bombings, the OKC bombing, the DC sniper attacks, the 7/7 bombings in london, my personal Liquid Terror scare, WERE ALL AN INSIDE JOB, then we will all laugh in your face, and proceed to beat the living shit out of you with polycarbonate night sticks, shattering every bone in your body. We will record your torture on video and audio, and play it for others to see so they can see what?s coming to them next. Ahh the art of TERROR.

Before we kill you, we will tell you that WE ARE YOUR GOD, and that there is no salvation for you.?


- video encodings still in process -