Turks riot at Basketball game in Berlin

Basketball game Alba Berlin vs. Galatasary Istanbul.

First match in Turkey already in an empty stadion, because of safety issues. In Berlin the Turks acted like normal and started a riot including firework and even shots were fired from a blank gun.

I would like to tell you what the announcer said, but this was in Berlin so he speaks in a language i dont understand.

Link for more pictures: www.bild.de/sport/mehr-sport/alba-berlin/schwere-ausschreitu

We have more and more turkish sport clubs here and this sort of ape like bahaviour seems to be normal for them. Even at the lower and younger leagues riots are everytime possible and occur often when turkish clubs are involved. But sadly our MSM dont like to report about that.

Ask sport club members over here about their experiences with these sort of clubs and all will tell you the same. Riots, assault and vandalism as cultural enrichment.