Lenny/Jamie Mclean/London/The Guvnor!

Just Me & Some Pals Filming Last Year...It Wont Break Any Box Office Records (June/July 2017)
But Its Important To Tell A Story Of A Very Interesting Man...A Nice Man!
An Honest Straight Warrior That Has Almost Disappeared From My London!
My Streets Are Now Littered With Drugs I've Never Heard Of, Dances I Don't Dance!
People I Don't Know, Angry Hidden Faces, Ethnic Children That Carry Knifes & Firearms
That Have No Thought Of Consequence Of There Actions...The Days Of Giving A Fella A Good
Hiding & Walking Away Are Long Gone, Its All About Revenge, Greed, And The Severity Of The
Reprisal ....I Miss The 70s 80s ...I Try Not To Look Back, Its All About Moving Forward!
I Love To Be In The Company Of Nice People...Wankers Give Me The Hump & Resurrect My Demons....Anyway Worth A Watch!

Cheers LiveLeak & A Shout Out To My Pal DeadBug! Lenny & Jamie X


By: Steve The Queen (5714.00)

Tags: Filming/Arri/Panavision/Bow/Bethnal Green/Mile End/Lenny

Location: London, United Kingdom (UK/GB)