Crazed Father Bites Off Boy's Penis

SHENZHEN, CHINA (PIX11)— A father, believed to be suffering from a mental disorder, attacked his 6-year-old son in public Wednesday and bit off the boy's penis, the Shanghai Daily reported.

According to witnesses, the 32-year-old father went for a walk in Shenzhen, in the Guangdong Province, with his son and 4-year-old daughter -- all of them naked. The father reportedly asked the boy to bite his own penis, and, when his son refused, he turned on him, biting off his son's penis.

Onlookers were horrified to see the child screaming with blood gushing from his crotch; several people grabbed the father and pinned him to the ground. The Shanghai Daily reported that an onlooker located the penis, which had been thrown into nearby bushes, and doctors were later able to reattach it.

The boy is now reportedly in therapy and may experience some permanent disability.

Neighbors described the father as normal and friendly until he lost his job and wife in 2010. Over the past year they reported bizarre behavior; at one point he was seen pretending to choke his son on the balcony.

He is now being held in an area hospital for observation and treatment, according to reports.