Breaking News - FBI: "We Arrested Three Russian Spies In New York City."

The FBI announced on Monday that it had busted a Russian spy ring.

According to a federal complaint filed by FBI special agent Gregory Monaghan in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, an alleged spy, Evgeny Buryakov, posed as a banker in the New York office of an unnamed Russian bank. However, Monaghan said Buryakov (a.k.a. "Zhenya") was actually on "deep cover" and working for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service to gather intelligence and transmit it back to Moscow.

The complaint also alleges that Buryakov helped "formulating questions to be used for intelligence-gathering purposes by others associated with a leading Russian-state-owned news organization." Additionally, the complaint said Buryakov worked with two other men who were involved in intelligence gathering activities for the Foreign Intelligence Service (also known as the SVR) — Victor Podobnyy and Igor Sporyshev.

According to the complaint both Podobnyy and Sporyshev served as trade representatives to the Russian Federation in New York. Podobnyy allegedly was also an attache to the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations.

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin said Buryakov was attempting to get "economic and other intelligence information."

"The attempt by foreign nations to illegally gather economic and other intelligence information in the United States through covert agents is a direct threat to the national security of the United States, and it exemplifies why counterespionage is a top priority of the National Security Division," Carlin said.