Sustained arc on 16kV power line equipment after earthquake.

Shortly before midnight, there was a sustained arc on a nearby power pole. It happened in Bellflower, California, shortly after an earthquake.

This appears to be a power correction factor capacitor bank. There is some 70+ year old powerline equipment in this neighborhood, but Edison replaced this within the last 2 years so it's not age.

It's unusual for an arc to last this long; it was going for nearly a minute before I got the camera going. The arc was bright pink, not the copper green I've seen in other arc incidents.

Five minutes after the arc stopped, there was still a smoldering carbon track on the equipment, and it was dropping hot bits of metal. The cops arrived and I was brusquely told to GTFO.

In the future I think I will be less critical of shaky cameras. At full zoom, vacillating on uneven ground between getting closer for the shot and being ready to duck behind the building just in case, it was tougher than I expected. Will lug my tripod around at all times to prevent this in the future.