Alleged Homeless Person is Hit in Head with Beer Cans .... for fun?

Online footage has emerged of a vicious encounter between several males and an alleged homeless person, where the largest of the group is intent on slapping a homeless person in exchange for a beer ..... with full beer cans instead of a hand.

Slapping him with an open palm for entertainment just to get a few votes on YouTube is bad enough, but a intentionally striking him with a pack of full beer can, is tantamount to being hit in the head with a solid object and causing serious injury.

After the first strike, the group is heard laughing when the victim (naturally) flinches and shies away from the first strike. Even after being encouraged to give him the beer and leave, the larger male continues to insist on hitting his victim again, with the full beer cans.

For their continued sickening entertainment, the male instructs the victim to again remain still, while he tries to hit his victim with full force using the beer cans instead of his hands.

The victim once again shies away, a natural human instinct. Ask a friend to strike you with full force using a pack of full beers, and see if it is entertaining. Ironically, the large male thinks he is doing the homeless person a favor by giving him a beer, and seems proud of himself by giving away a beer in front of his male friends.

The footage, posted by via YouTube and titled 'Slap 4 beer slap-tastic' comes with the description of 'Slapped a bum for a dollar king cobra beer', suggesting the uploader has no remorse for the victim or his stunt which is designed to intentionally inflict pain and injury on his victim.