West Ham United Manager's Slaven Bilic talk about Suicide Bombing Attacks in İstanbul which was done by PKK(YPG) kurdish terrorists

Croation Slaven Bilic worked many years in Turkey as a manager of Besiktas Footbal Club. For this reason, he is a well known sport figure in Turkey. In fact, suicinde bombing attack was done to his ex-team stadium.
He is very sorry and telling his condolances to Turkish People and saying Turkey is one of the best countries in the world not only for the nature but people. Thanks to this croatian guys in these bad days.

Kurdish terrorism is using the same tactics similar to ISIS. They are exploding suicide bombers and attacking innocent people in big cities of Turkey. It is very sad to see that European Parliament is supporting kurdish terrorism against Turkey by providing logistic support to terrorist group PKK.

We will not fall down, we will not give up. Everyone will see it and we will not show any mercy at the end to the terrorists.


By: turksdoitbetter (358.30)

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