It has been a while. Just some updates for yoursay

I have not been on here for quite some time. Well, I have been on and I have been active, just have not posted any videos. I tried with my new Samsung galaxy s5 that is only 3 weeks old, but it literally turned out like crap. IDK, I paid a crap ton for this phone and now it sucks. Oh well. This is my garden, ive gotten it to yield a handful of fruit, but that is pretty much it. Now my squash just dies.. lol. .Enjoy the crappy video that is choppy and very awesome.. lol.. I miss you all btw.


By: Adam Harris (588.30)

Tags: yoursay, garden, hot, arizona, desert, squash, samsungsucks, worldcupyay, bored, hello

Location: Peoria, United States