Start of 'superstorm' in The Netherlands

Just filmed in front of my door. (Aaaaand another tree down ) The emergency services in Amsterdam say a woman has been killed after she was hit by a falling tree on the Herengracht canal in the city centre, as a severe autumn storm batters western Europe.Train services to and from Amsterdam have been disrupted because of storm damage and the city's tram services have also been shut down. Elsewhere, Dutch Rail (NS) is running reduced services. There are no trains between Delft and Schiedam because of the storm.

In Haarlem, part of the side of a house collapsed onto a car but there have been no reports of major damage so far.

A primary school in the Groningen village of Mussel was evacuated after officials said a large tree was in danger of blowing over.

Dozens of kite surfers have flocked to the seaside resort of Zandvoort to take advantage of the strong winds and waves.

The morning rush hour was twice as busy as on a normal Monday but there were few accidents, the ANWB motoring organisation said. But motorcyclists and cyclists are being warned to take extra care because of flying debris.

Airline KLM has cancelled 42 flights to other European destinations but there has been no serious disruption at either Schiphol or Rotterdam airports so far, news agency ANP reported. Only Schiphol’s Oostbaan runway is open because of the wind direction.

Some ferry services to the Wadden Islands have been cancelled but others are operating as normal.

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