Body-Worn Camera Footage In Incident Where Officer Struck Woman

Baltimore Police have released body-worn camera footage of the now-viral video of an officer striking a woman after she struck another officer twice.

Police said several officers working to direct traffic downtown on May 29 noticed a vehicle driving erratically in the area near Baltimore and Gay streets around 10:30 p.m.

Sgt. Graig Higley saw a vehicle coming towards him and then driving through a closed intersection with a red light, police said.

The video shows the driver then makes a U-turn toward Sgt. Higley, who then orders the woman out of the car with his gun drawn. When she exits, she allegedly engages with officers and Sgt. Higley makes the decision to take her into custody.

She then sits in the street as officers call for backup, but then stands up.

The woman starts yelling, “Don’t touch me” and “I feel attacked,” but no one is seen touching her.

“If you don’t violate my rights, I won’t violate yours,” she says to Higley.

“You tried to run me over,” he says.

“You were in the way,” she argues.

“It was blocked,” Higley says, referring to the closed street.

“You’re stupid, don’t talk to me,” the woman tells the officer.

As Higley tries to take her into custody, the video shows her strike him in the face — twice.

Officer Terry Love, who was assisting Higley, strikes the woman in the face. She falls to the ground.

In the video, people nearby start screaming at the officers.

She was arrested and taken to an area hospital for an emergency petition and medical treatment.

Commissioner Michael Harrison viewed the video on May 29 and ordered an immediate investigation.

Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau of Public Integrity Bureau has directed a full review and has suspended the officer’s police powers during the investigations. At this time the PIB investigation is still ongoing.

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said the officer’s actions don’t rise to the level that he should face charges.



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