Thousands attend penis-themed parades in Greek phallic festival

Thousands of people enjoyed the one-day Phallus Festival in the tiny Greek town of Tyrnavos which is located at a distance of about 380 kilometers north of Athens.

The main square of the town of about 15.000 people was decorated with gigantic phalluses and everyone consumed large quantities of tsipouro – as the strong local spirit, produced by the residue of the wine .

The event marked the beginning of the Lent and it is one of the most famous in the country.

Hundreds visited the town for the festival by buses, while everybody took commemorative photos with human-like constructions that bear gigantic phalluses.

It is believed that the Phallus Festival of Tyrnavos comes from Aloa, an agricultural festival of the Ancient Greeks of Attica that used to honor the goddess of the harvest and agriculture Demeter.

The event took place on Monday (February 19).



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