Hang out with Dylan at the range with some decent weapons

Conditions - clear, middle of the day, hot as fuck. I think it said 99F on my phone. It was rather uncomfortable.

Weapons - SCAR 17 w/Eotech 2-0 and PS-90 w/factory red dot (was also wearing an HK USP Tactical [.45] on my hip in a Blackhawk Serpa holster)

Ammo - Federal "American Eagle" 5.7x28 (FMJ) and CBC 7.62x51 (FMJ)

Distance - 75 - 80ft.

Targets - 12" by 9" hanging steel silhouettes

Camera - IPhone operated by an eight year old.

Shout out to FN for making badass weapons. I also have the Five-SeveN although I did not bring it. FN makes awesome, simple weapons that are easy to shoot well and easy to maintain. Too bad euros can't own them. What a rip off. I would be pissed. Also shot a Ruger 10/22 along with the USP earlier; didn't get it on film though.

I let my son shoot both of them and he lasted maybe 5 shots on the PS-90 and only 2 rounds on the SCAR. The SCAR 17 has a tremendous muzzle blast although the video doesn't show it well. The muzzle brake is very effective. It barely has any recoil at all which is phenomenal considering the normal recoil of a 7.62x51.

In case you were wondering, neither the round went through the steel. I have rounds that will go through steel plates no problem, but normal FMJ will not go though hardened steel plates.


By: Dylan_Carbon (6722.60)

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