My Friend Gloria Was Murdered.

Iowa authorities intend to file murder and other charges against a man accused of killing a Des Moines resident who’d been reported missing.The Des Moines Police Department said in a news release Friday that prosecutors have approved charges of robbery, burglary and first-degree murder against 22-year-old Kyle Jepson, of Des Moines. He’s accused of killing Gloria Gary, 49, who was reported missing Jan. 5 and was last seen Jan. 3. At a press conference Thursday, Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said there was no known relationship between Jepson and Gary.Police declined to talk about how the body was found within the home, but said it had been so well-concealed that family members inside the home did not see it.

They guy reading the book is her killer. He took this picture in her home after he killed her.


By: Brian_Williams (259.10)

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