German Rapper glorifies Islamic Terrorism

Recently a young white teenager was arrested near Boston, following a rap video he posted online in which he raps about terrorism. He now faces up to 20 years in prison. If you do not believe me look here

But what has been ignored for years is that meanwhile in Europe, especially in countries such as Germany and France, Islamic rappers have been using Hip Hop as a propaganda tool for radical Islam for more than a decade since before 911. The 'artists' - mostly Muslims and often signed by major labels such as Sony BMG or Universal - either integrate radical Islamic lyrics, glorifications of Islamic terrorists or actual Imagery glorifying Islamic terror in their videos. They defend Islam during interview, and spread pro-Islamic messages on social networking platforms.

This article aims to expose some of it, but unfortunately an article can only touch the tip of the iceberg that makes up this problem. Please share.

Rapper 'Bushido' and two Muslim women in Burka march away from a Bomb symbolizing a Terror Attack.

...the Bomb explodes behind them....they make their way to a German bank.

The trio opens fire killing several Western looking security guards inside the bank.

A blonde German employee of the Bank is being taken as hostage. The lyrics discuss how Bushido 'bangs' white women, hates the West and has a poster of Osama Bin Laden on his wall.

The above is a video made for Bushido's 911 themed song in which he expresses his hatred for the West, his support for Al Quaida as well as suggesting the terror attacks were carried out by Jews and not radical Islamists.

Above: The German speaking Arab rapper Massiv whose lyrics are heavily pro-Palestinian and anti Israel. He also glorifies terrorism in some of his lyrics and helps to spread anti European propaganda suggesting his race is superior to Westerners and Jews.

Above: Arab/African German speaking rapper Deso Dogg who has recently become a radicalized Muslim using his supporter base to spread radical Islam. He can often be heard inciting hatred against Europe and the US. At the same time he glorifies Mujahedeen fighters and says they are fighting Satan (Europe/USA/Israel according to him)

Above: German speaking Arab/African rapper Farid Bang whose lyrics are laced with pro Islamic calls for violence. He also speaks out in favor of prostitution, Palestine and Anti Israel Propaganda. Many of his lyrics suggest that 911 was a conspiracy by Jews. He uses the word 'Jew' and the word 'German' as a swear word in his lyrics.

Above: German Canadian Rapper 'Kollegah' who converted to Islam as a child because his mother married an Algerian Muslim. His lyrics are filled with violence and are pro prostitution. His style is referred to as Pimp Rap although he also features several Pro islam songs on his Albums.

Above: German Rapper 'Bushido' who can be seen at the beginning of the article was invited to attend the German Bundestag, a privilege that is normally reserved exclusively to politicians. It turns out that the politician on the left of the image, "Christian von Stetten" owed a favor to Arab-Palestinian Mafia Clan "Abu Chaker". Bushido is being managed by this Palestinian clan that is known in Germany as one of the most powerful crime families.

Above: Muslim Rapper 'KC Rebell' in his video 'Anhörung' in which he mocks the German justice system, glorifies Islam, insults women and at the end has his friends shoot and kill the public officials (judge, jury etc.)

This article does not even touch the tip of the iceberg. Please share. The question remains: Will the German governments' tolerance of Muslim extremist propaganda through Music backfire? Will the antisemitism, anti USA and anti German rhetoric that is allowed to spread through this medium become harmful to Germany? The trends of recent years suggest YES.

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