Madeleine McCann Abducted By Senior UK Politician, Says Rape Victim

The rape victim of pedophile politician Sir Clement Freud has
said she believes the disgraced MP is linked to the disappearance of
Madeleine McCann.
According to Vicky Haynes, the now deceased politician had befriended
the McCann family as they partied in their holiday villa in Praia da
Luz, Portugal – just around the corner from where Maddie was snatched. reports:

Vicky Haynes only reported the horrific abuse to police four years
ago after Kate McCann’s book about her little girl’s disappearance
revealed the MP had befriended the family at his £1 million holiday
villa in Praia da Luz, Portugal – just down the road from the hotel
Maddie vanished from.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: “When I read that, it beggared
belief. I wanted Madeleine’s parents to know who Clement Freud was.
“I wouldn’t be at all surprised, when the police investigate Freud
and his connections in Praia da Luz, if they find he knew something
about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”
The former Liberal MP was “great friends” with Rolf Harris, shared an
office with Cyril Smith and had a villa with a swimming pool and sea
views just yards from where Maddie had disappeared.

Inviting Gerry and Kate McCann over for a lunch of egg and watercress
salad and risotto, the shamed broadcaster befriended the couple over
strawberry vodka cocktails.Mrs Haynes said: “Why did this 82-year-old man befriend the McCanns
out of the blue? The Freud I knew wouldn’t engage with you unless he
really wanted to.
“Why did he invite them round and cook for them? Why, after their long search, did he stay in touch with them?

“Could it be he wanted to know the ins and outs of what was going on,
and the only way he could do that was by having direct contact with the
Freud’s attack on Mrs Haynes was reported to the NSPCC, who contacted
Operation Yewtree — but she claims an “awful policewoman” told her:
“This happened years ago. He’s dead now. What do you want me to do about
Two years later she tried again, after hearing yet another desperate appeal for information from Kate McCann.

But eventually her husband of 44-years Chris, a former RAF squadron
leader, contacted ITN News, saying she “needed to sort this out once and
for all.”
Her claims – along with those from two other women – were aired in
the ITV documentary Exposure, which revealed the MP’s chilling secret
history of child abuse.
Just 14 when she met Freud, Vicky Haynes’ family trusted him
implicitly – so much so her father Sydney sent her to stay at his home
the night before the Newmarket Races, after confirming she would be
looked after by a housekeeper.
After packing a vanity case and a pink nightie, she was taken out to a
lavish dinner and filled full of expensive champagne – of which Freud
did not drink a drop – before being brought back to his family home.
She claims Freud simply climbed on top of her after she got into bed
and took her virginity, saying “why didn’t you tell me you were a
virgin?” before he fell asleep.
Mrs Haynes said: “You think about an experience like that every day of your life.

“I still see it: his hairiness, it was like being in bed with a
gorilla. The bedding — white. The window in the eaves. The white bedside
“Him on top of me. Old, fat and so hairy. Pushing, pushing against me. I was a virgin so it hurt.

“Being petrified and just lying there, thinking, ‘How am I going to get out of this? This is my parents’ friend.'”

“But this isn’t about me, this is about Madeleine McCann.”

Now retired, Mr and Mrs Haynes have began a fresh start – selling off their house with paddocks and downsizing.

But she adds: “I had to try to sort this out, especially for
Madeleine’s sake. The McCanns didn’t know any of this about Freud. They
held him in esteem — like my parents did.
“Instead of saying Freud’s dead, the police need to say, ‘What are we
going to do about it? We need to see who he was allied to. Let’s see if
Freud was involved.'”




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