Monaco: Private helicopters passe? Try the 'world's first practical JETPACK'!

Feel like flying in style but bored of private planes? Not enough room on your yacht to land your helicopter? Your aerial prayers may now be answered as what could be the world’s first practical jetpack was unveiled at the Top Marques Luxury Show in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Thursday.

SOT, Mike Tournier, Marketing, Director at Martin Jetpack (English): "Flying a jetpack is just amazing. It is so liberating, and you can use a jetpack in places where you can't use a traditional helicopter, so landing on tops of small buildings that are covered in aerials and wires, we can't get a helicopter in, down at street level inbetween alley ways, or on top of a super yacht, that's perhaps not quite light enough for a helicopter, you can put two or three jetpacks and using small tender boats is so last season".

SOT, Mike Tournier, Marketing Director at Martin Jetpack (English): "We have been promised jetpacks for maybe 50 or 60 years and it just haven't been achieved and that represents 35 years of development. A lot of it was that the technology needed to catch up with the vision, and we've have developed the world's first practical jetpack".

SOT, Mike Tournier, Marketing director at Martin Jetpack (English): "They cost around $200,000 which is about 175,000 euro. We are delivering the first jetpacks to customers at the end of this year and we are taking orders for personal jetpacks now".

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