mediaeinstein - Gold Say & Hematite?!?

Hey everyone - I'm trying to identify the dark stone on the right. My two cents and from what I have researched leads me to believe it's hematite. The metal detector went crazy and I thought I'd found a meteorite but it isn't magnetic with a neo. If anyone knows for certain that would be great. It weighs a ton for such a small rock and looks fused. Pretty sure I'm getting closer to the elusive volcanic spot now. Rumor has it there are Sasquatch guarding the gold - weird gigantic trees stacked in precarious positions, like how the Indians would mark territory but on a massive scale with no root bottoms - 6"-8" trees just broken and artistically stacked.


By: mediaeinstein (2940.68)

Tags: liveleakers, gold, geology, black sand, hematite, magnetite, exploration, bushwhacking, bears might eat mediaeinstein

Location: Canada