A mercenary from the American BlackWater paramilitary company neutralized by the Turkish Armed Forces

An American BlackWater rat liquidated by the Police Special Forces (P.Ö.H) somewhere in south-east of Turkey.

I already mentioned the foreign legionnaires crusaders soldiers fighting alongside of PKK/YPG against Turkish Army in an www.liveleak.com/view?i=f78_1454964903. Most of these rats have been exterminated. You can look at my thread for further details.

Also I would like to take the opportunity to inform all the others potential candidates who wish to fight against the Turkish Army, you are all welcomed, don't hesitate to bring all of your friends with you, we'll take care of all of your scum and sent them there they belong.

And some photos of the valiant Turkish Army fighting courageously against the worst evil scum of this world :

A powerful 7.62×54mmR bullet ricocheted on this combat helmet. No injury.

"You will see the power of the Turk" (Special Forces)

"You have seen the power of the Turk"

"May God protect the Turk"

Every traitors will be exterminated without mercy"



By: Ya-Istiklal-Ya-Olum (284.30)

Tags: BlackWater, mercenary, killed, turkish army, PKK, YPG, terrorist, Turkey, US, russia, syria, kurdish scum, kurdish terrorist

Location: 21200 Diyarbakır Province, Turkey