Finnish military power

Becouse we have neighbour like Russia we need good defense.

We are the only country in europe who increase the defense budget. We count on the enemy`s fear of guerilla war after the invasion, becouse the reality is that we can´t last more than 1 year max against the giant population like Russia in full scale war. The fear of guerilla war, saves our country on ww2, becouse stalin didn´t want to face the huge amount of casualties.

IN now days our military is based on fast mobility and trained reserve. (over 1 000 000 Finns have learned the basic military skills and have skill to use our RK62`S. Still ewery man have to go in army. Resent polls say, that the NATO is popular in people minds and we should file an application. Well see. Now the next big thing will be the F35- Deal (over 70) That will make our airforces strong and the ability to prevent surprise attack. Polls says that 80% wants to defend their country. So the Russians will have though time if they try the invasion.