Crazy Arab Woman Masks Evil with Reason

I reck'n she has big balls, going on TV, telling Americans this and that, as if someone might respect her. She actually makes a lot of sense, which is the part I don't get. She is Arab, so that means she is 99% for sure Muslim.. so, we all know what that means!

She is wearing a headdress, but not across her face, so I am not sure exactly the rationale for that. I see it as an expression of freedom and culture, I think it is cool, but that just shows how I can be fooled by Arab propaganda.

New book is out, detailing New York City police working with CIA for super aggressive spying on Muslim and other ethnicities after 9/11.

This lady is talking about the NY police spying. Wait till you hear her crazy explanation. So freaking crazy, it actually makes complete sense, I believe every word she is saying and I don't think she is a jihadist. She sounds American. I am very proud of what she is doing on this TV show, that is why I am posting this video. She is my American Hero of the Day.

Formed a soccer league, gave out trophies for big games, saying it was outreach, but behind the scenes, the police were making records on all the participants, which was their primary purpose for forming the league.