SAA attacks IS with vulcano rocket in Deir Ezzor

A few weeks ago the assaults on Deir ezzor airbase seemed very intense,
so intense that everyone thought it would follow the fate of Taqba
airbase. Artillery and suicide vehicles wrecked the outer defences.

For some reason the tides turned and the Islamic state was not able to come
far into the base. The Islamic state is still very vulnerable to Syrian
air attacks, which was demonstrated multiple times. Especially the
deaths of Islamic state leaders by an air attack was probably a blow for
the Islamic state.

But deir ezzor airbase and taqba airbase are
not comparable actually. The Syrian army still controls big parts of
Deir ez Zor and has multiple army bases in the city. That in
contradiction to Taqba which was more isolated. Deir ez Zor is not
really isolated: It has an NDF division and of course the well known
General Issam Zahredine. The man is feared and famous alike. He commands
a Republican guard brigade in Deir ez Zor. This will hopefully keep the
Islamic state from further advancing. In contradiction to the regular
conscripted grunt, the Republican guard will give a harder fight for the
Islamic state.

That brings the question, would Taqba still be in Syrian hands if the soldiers fought to death?

Rocket in the video is a volcano rocket, a modified warhead with shorter range but more explosives, useful for urban combat.