Crimean Pensioners Fooled By Russia: 'No More Money' -Medvedev

According to the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, pensions will not be indexed due to lack of funds.

Medvedev said about this, answering questions during his visit to Crimea.

One of the pensioners began to complain loudly the Premiere about 8 thousand rubles of pension (about 120 dollars) not sufficient for living standards in Crimea, due to “the outrageous prices.” “What is 8 thousand now? It’s nothing!” she flew into a rage and complained that there was no pension indexation in Crimea.

Medvedev replied that indexation is not carried out anywhere else in Russia. “We can’t do it in one place only. There is no indexation. Now we have no money. Once find we will index,” he said.

“You have to hold on here,” concluded the Russian Prime Minister, ending the conversation.


By: JayStreak (776.00)

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