Japanese politician says US also forced French women to be comfort women for allied forces in WWII

He also says it is unfair to ask Japan to apologize for comfort women issue while the US keeps quiet. The US congress passed a bill condemning Japan's war crime of comfort women in WWII.

Japan still denies its war crimes in WWII.

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, Japan had openly declared

"Comfort women system Battlefield necessities"

Japan and other Asian countries lead vocal opposition of public opinion.

June 16, held in Osaka Toru Hashimoto a street speech, he said in his speech, "World War II" period, the U.S. and other allies, once French women, sexual slavery, and the establishment of comfort stations, so "only criticism of Japan's comfort women issue is very strange. "

"Allied soldiers continue to rape local women in France, because not hide their behavior, then still in the construction of the comfort stations in France, which is a historical fact."

About the comfort women issue, Toru Hashimoto has publicly declared that

"Japanese in World War II forced recruitment of comfort women for the purpose of maintaining military discipline is necessary,"

U.S. condemns Toru Hashimoto's remarks as "outrageous."

China, South Korea and the Philippines and other countries have expressed their disapproval of speech under the bridge, and have expressed strong protest.