Christian Convert faces death for converting from Islam, yet Muslims are free to proselytize.

Westerners are converting to Islam because of dawah or proselytizing, but they never learn the true nature of Islam. Many of them don’t even know Arabic. What these converts, called reverts, don’t know that while you can freely convert to Islam, Muslims who convert or try to convert from Islam to another religion are threatened with murder, imprisoned or murdered.If that is the type of religion you want you join, then you are joining a false religion. If a religion can’t let people apostate from their religion, they are not a faith, but a cult. Cults are every controlling and dangerous to people who don’t want to be part of their cult anymore.

There is an Iranian man named Youcef Nadarkhani who is a Christian pastor who renounced his Muslim faith and now faces the death penalty and death sentence in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The same thing happens to Christians in Pakistan,Indonesia, and other Muslim majority countries. It is a crime in many Muslim countries to proselytize Christianity or any other faith, but in the West Muslims are free to proselytize unsuspecting idiots to join their cult and even criticize other religions.

In Muslim countries are you not allowed to criticize Islam or Muhammad. That is the difference between Islam and any other religion in the world. There is no such thing as a death penalty if you leave Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism or Christianity. Only under one religion, Islam, is there a death penalty for apostating from that religion. Also it is enforced by Muslim majority countries and governments.