No Nazi Gold Train Buried in poland

Obviously the evil joooooooosssss stole it all.

Attempts to find a “Nazi gold train” in
appear to have been dashed after treasure hunters admitted that they
had found “no train, no tunnel” following extensive digging.
The possibility of riches, based on a legend that a train laden with
gold and valuables was hidden by Germans in a secret tunnel, as the
Soviet army advanced towards them in 1945, has, a city in south-west Poland.
Andreas Richter, a German, and Piotr Koper, a Pole, moved in with heavy equipment and in Wałbrzych earlier this month, after residents said they had knowledge of the train’s existence.

Last year, Richter and Koper said tests they conducted using
earth-penetrating radar had confirmed that there was a train at the
But Andrzej Gaik, a spokesman for the pair, said on Wednesday that
they had found nothing, despite an exhaustive search of three pits
costing 140,000 zlotys (£28,000).
Gaik said a smaller-scale search using probes would resume at a nearby site in September, adding: “Hope dies last.”

The dig confirmed findings by experts from a university in Kraków,
who used magnetic equipment but found no trace of train or tunnel, Gaik
An armed train loaded with valuables is said to have disappeared after entering a complex of tunnels, an, under the Owl Mountains.


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