Russia: Police capture drug dealers and large heroin stash

Police capture drug dealers and large heroin stash

Moscow Police detained two Tajik citizens and captured five kilograms of heroin in a special operation, Wednesday, on Moscow's Varshavskoye highway. Police found the heroin packaged in individual plastic wrapping, prepared for distribution.

According to Russia's Federal Drug Control Service, the Russian Federation is the largest market for the Afghan drug producers, who transport their 'product' with assistance from Tajiks working in Russia. Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium, the precursor material for heroin, accounting for approximately 64 per cent of the world's opium cultivation according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

Moscow city police main investigative department spokesperson Yelena Molotilkina said: "Officers of the main investigative department and the Moscow criminal investigation division learned that two suspects, citizens of Tajikistan, bought about five kilograms of heroin from an unknown person. They packed the drug to prepare it for distribution".

Moscow prosecutors opened a criminal case against the suspects on illegal drug distribution charges. Investigators are now looking into accomplices of the suspects, their possible involvement in other crimes, and the question of drug supply channels.