US airlifts SDF south of Euphrates. Tabqa Dam likely taken. Bridgehead expanding.

At the same time fighters of SDF, YPG, YPJ, US marines, US SOF and a counter terror unit of Iraqi Peshmerga (not Barzani but Talabani) crossed over Lake Assad with boats and raft ferries to a peninsula south of the river. US airforce supported with Apache helis and fighter jets. Marines supported with artillery. The aim is to encircle Raqqa from the south too and to secure Tabqa dam, Syria's most important infrastucture projekt.
But it is also cutting the way for Assad, possibly coming from the north where SAA is beating the shit out of Daeshbags. Since yesterday Assads troups besiege the last town hold by ISIS in northern Aleppo Deir Hafer.

Its a first US is airlifting a local militia and the trust must be large, much to the desgust of Erdolf 1st, the new Sultan of Osmaniac.


By: ide3 (587.60)

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Location: Ar-Raqqah Governorate, Syria