Thanks to my being reported to the local RCMP I will load this careful and not mention any names.

I noticed some exposed product and called the manufacturer on May 27/14

Nobody got back to me, no biggie. I then snapped a couple pics and had a friend post them to Facebook (to post to manufacturer). A week later I said "pull it" and was able to track down a gentleman named XXXXX... I left a message about showing some pics and nothing?!

Fine, next time in the neighbourhood I will go in person armed with pics that not only show rusting parts but BLACKBERRIES crawling up the sides. Not only am I not listened too... nobody will take my number or give me a business card?
Who are you? What company are you with? How do you know it's our stuff?

Wow, so much for helping somebody out anonymously!

At any rate BLACKBERRIES deserve a chance too. A couple weeks ago I figure hey, I can google the destination and see what happens... THAILAND!

Email isn't long distance so I leave a message for XXXX XXXXXX who via google is said to be an expert and "who was recently awarded by the World XXXXX XXXX Association for his commitment and excellence in developing XXXXX XXXXs across Asia".

No answer but one does have to remember the time distance!

At any rate some figure has anonymously come from the shadows and replied to another post so this is for him.