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I am pissed-off about Barrackbar Osama, and USA Patriot Molon Labe suspending their accounts over the John1054 vid. I hate the fact that Jayjo was trolled... she is the sweetest person on the site and I think this shit went way too far. Fuck the drama, this is my opinion, and I'm just getting it off my chest. I believe the root cause of the problem is iwouldprefernotto and his campaign of hate against John1054, RickBond and Jayjo.... people who have NOTHING to hide. Unlike IWPNT who is an evasive snake. I hope IWPNT delete his account, he is nothing more than a thumb-greedy shill looking to fill his work quota, I urge you to examine IWPNT's actions and decide yourself.



By: afterlife (923.00)

Tags: yoursay, afterlife, human waste, ice wong, fuck you iwouldprefernotto, you are a shill, admit it, delete your fucking account,

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