Famed Iditarod musher & convicted Colorado animal abuser dies

Dan MacEachen 7 time Iditarod musher, founder of Krabloonik Sled Dog tours in Snowmass Aspen Colorado dies at age 67.

He was "well respected in the mushing community"

Dan MacEachen was charged with eight counts of animal cruelty, one per sled dog
seized from the Krabloonik property by the District Attorney’s Office, in December 2013.
He pleaded guilty to one charge. All the other counts were dismissed after taking a plea deal.

This was the 2nd time MacEachen was charged with cruelty, in 1988 he did not contest an animal-cruelty charge accusing him of breaking bones in a dog's face, causing it to go blind in one eye.
Upon completion of a year's probation, the charge was dismissed and MacEachen was allowed to
withdraw his no-contest plea.

Allegations of animal cruelty were front and center for over 30 years but with the aid of city council as shown in the video. MacEachen and his sled dog operation was able to continue operation regardless of cruelty claims. As Sled dogs are exempt from domestic cruelty laws the same as rodeo animals,farm animals and animals used in circuses a higher incidence of
cruelty had to be shown beyond what is considered normal practice to attract the attention of department of agriculture.

There is no such thing as a humane sled dog business.


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