Coppers Cop Car is Stolen - Gives Pursuit in Stolen Car He Pulled Over !

Picture this ..... A police officer has pulled over a vehicle reported as stolen. He removes one of the occupants of the car and places them in the back seat of his police car.

That's when Jasmin Radford noticed the detained person climb over the back seat of the cop car and into the drivers seat. Reaching for her phone, she managed to film the officers car being stolen !

The cop looks a bit confused as what to do next, until he realizes he has to give chase .... in a stolen car that he just pulled over. Hamilton police have confirmed the police car has been recovered, but the driver remains unaccounted for.

From the OP .... "Wow! I just pulled up to work where I saw a policeman put a guy in back of police car. I then saw the guy jump over the seats & get into drivers seat! Check out what happened next!"

video credit: Jasmin Radford /



By: Ima Pirate (7110.60)

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Location: 50 Bader St, Bader, Hamilton 3206, New Zealand