A Different BBQ

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Preemptive apology for such short vert video.

Around two weeks ago the wife and daughters 4 and 6 were grilling outside for dinner. I get the grill ready to go and I realize that the bratwurst we intended on bringing home was Italian sausage, so I hastily sent the wife back to the store and she received a text on the way there from my mother wanting to have my daughters over for a little bit.

Half an hour into darkness, with my wife gone, and children safe, my night unfolds.

I am tending my lump coal BBQ pit and spreading the coals about and a large breed dog busts thru my backyard gate (shame on me it wasn't locked because I had just grabbed the coal out of the trunk of the car).

I guess I should mention I am a 5 year CHL carrier and since it was legal in Texas, a 99.9% open carry. I currently carry OWB a Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 9mm in FDE loaded with Hornady Critical Defense FTX JHP.

The dog of about 80 lbs ignored me and went straight for my 90 lb pussy best dog ever "Chibs", a Boxer Dane mix.

I punched, I kicked, I tried to strangle, I tried to gouge eyes, but as I have learned in the past, a dog when seeing red just doesn't fucking care.

I stepped back and just looked around to see if anyone was around and then suddenly the 15lbs of red hot charcoal in the grill was knocked out by the two dogs and 50% of it poured over my dog "Chibs".
"Chibs" yelped and cried so bad like I haven't ever heard.
Both dogs and myself migrated towards the porch out of the fire shit....
At this point I hadn't even thought about defense, just reacting.
The damn mutt came so intentionally towards chibs and without thinking I drew my handgun and aimed for its white chest and missed, then hit it through shoulder and from what I observed the bullet must have been a CNS hit. Total silence on top of pulsing ears.

My two dogs are long gone hiding in the house and the backyard is still.

A 260lb 5'10 male in bluejeans and red tanktop appears at the gate and just opens and walks into my backyard. (Fuck have I ever learned a lesson on perimeter security) He says many things, many things I cannot remember but I know to be aggressive and pertaining to his dog.
He has a black holster on his hip the size of a large folder knife. I still cannot remember most of the words he said, just the body motions. I can recall feeling like something bad was coming towards me, and I just backstepped! I didn't know Chibs was right behind me so I fell over him totally on my ass in the sandy f'n east texas backyard of mine in. Powder sand was swirling everywhere and the porch light, a massive CRE LED Flood lamp made it all look like smoke, add to this my hands and handgun holster where covered and I just felt so out of my element as far as what I have trained for, and I have simulated some tough situations.
As I said, I can guess and guess what he was saying but I can't recall.
I am on my ass and then rest on my left elbow and draw my handgun and somehow present it with both hands while aiming thru both of my knees I vividly remember my fiber optic/tritium front sight being right on his diaphragm and from record I fired 4 shots. Not sure what order or which was incapacitating, but 3 shots missed and sailed into the neighbors greenhouse, and one entered his upper lip an inch to his left and an inch above at an angle that put the center of the exit wound an inch below the crown of his hair.

What had happened some time before my shots fired is shown in the pictures and video.
He had drawn a Gerber Gator Folding Knife, a very cheap, common, and relatively old model. He obviously was very close to me at some points, stabbed and pulled on my left lower outer leg, a smooth deep slice of my outer right arm below the elbow, and the same to my upper left shoulder.

The innards of his head wear bobbling on top of the powder sand and sidewalk, and then even finer sand floated down and dusted the top of the innards and slowly took away the sheen.
I really have no recollection of what happened after this particular point, until getting the floppy needle serving novocaine into my right arm, fast forward to the Emergency Room.

Luckily my wife arrived soon after the incident at home and we apparently satisfied the local PD of a town of 6k. My handgun was not seized, and the local EMS did not run "code", probably at PD's request. We were unable to get any more pictures. My Iphone was bent and shattered and my wife only got the pics and video shown here, the police were too involved once they arrived at the house. My wife slipped me her phone at the hospital and I grabbed the short video shown.
I was not arrested or taken to the police department. We signed a hush closure for the responding parties and the hospital and since we are the recent partial owners of a local business we have kept this to under 15 individuals knowing of this in hope it doesn't stir anything up.

I have of recent, been drinking too heavily, and really to the last 3 years, and this incident could have easily ended up tragic for me.

My family, myself and this one ER dr decided for a handful of reasons that I should formally seek alcohol cessation. I volunteered myself to stay at a rehab, ending in 10 total days. Detox from alcohol with great ease, altered some head meds, and I really had DR Phil moments 36 hours into being back at home, then I felt f'n crazy. Long story short my leg was infected and it literally made me feel like dying, mentally and physically.

Finally I am at my laptop to make my first post to LiveLeak!


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