Students Sign Petition to Deport U.S. Citizens in Exchange for Illegal Aliens

First, students at the elite school of Law at Harvard University
are too traumatized to take final exams because of a case they have no
connections with, no affiliation to, no family connections either.

Now, students at GWU sign a (fake) petition to deport an
American in exchange for an illegal alien. Our liberal academia is what’s at
the root of the problem with today’s college students and it’s getting worse.

Students at George Washington University signed a petition
that calls for President Obama to deport an American citizen in exchange for an
illegal immigrant.

Campus Reform created the fictitious petition to see how students would
react. Shockingly, in just one hour at the university, they were able to get
signatures from more than two-thirds of the students they spoke to.

Campus Reform's Caleb Bonham joined Tucker Carlson on "Fox and Friends
Weekend" this morning to discuss what's going on at college campuses
across the country.

"What if you constructed a system for $50,000 a year, your child could
learn to hate you and the country they grew up in?" Carlson remarked.

Bonham said the reason there are so many petition-gatherers on campuses is
that college students will sign their name to anything that has any
"progressive political jargon" on it.

"These are the people who are going to be leading the country."


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