Newspaper article from my mother's murder.(Pair wounded crack shot sought);amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;sjid=5-wFAAAAIBAJ&pg=4655%2C388910

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I just wanted to post this for future. I was 11 the night my dad broke into my house and tried to kill me my mom and sister. During the ordeal, a neighbour pulled into the driveway to pickme up for my hockey game(As an 11 yr canadian, hockey was my life..duh)

I was allowed to leave to my hockey game on the grounds I don't tell anyone my dad was at home(My mom had changed the locks days earlier-he was an abusive/violent alcoholic/pill popper)

Needless to say I didn't tell anyone that my dad was home and I had the worst game I let in 22 goals-I wasn't there in mind. I knew what was happening at home, near the end of the game I saw 2 cops walk into the arena and I knew. The papers didn't mention it but my dad raped my mom and my sister that night. My moms family disowned me 'cause I wouldn't lie on the stand and say he wasn't drunk. (he ended up getting 4.5 years and was out in 3 years) I was then put into group homes and that didn't go too well either.

np When I was 25 I had my first son Zachary (unfortunatly he was born with 4 heart defects and passed away during surgery when he was 2 1/2 yrs. We had twins that were 15 weeks earlier(1.5lbs and 1.9 lbs. Zane passed away 1 month later due to kidney complications) I havent seen my surviving sons for 25 years and any other family for 40 years. As you age you realize how important family is, I always knew and wanted but felt like some kind of bad luck charm.
Seeing her headstone made me remember a promise I made to buy her a Benz(as the precocious child I was) I think I want to get a Benz shaped headstone, that would be nice.

Just needed to finally get this out.



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