Mystery "Mushroom" surprise

20 Jun 2012, 5:00 am - Source: World Crunch

Chinese villagers and a local TV crew were in for an embarrassing
surprise after trying to identify a weirdly shaped, fungus-like object.
CHINA - As he was drilling a new well near his home in western China,
a villager found a weirdly shaped, fungus-like object. Not knowing what
to make of the discovery, he called the local TV station to come and
have a look.
The investigative program Xi'an Up Close quickly sent
reporter Ye Yunfeng to get to the bottom of the story, thinking the
object might just turn out to be a rare variety of "lingzhi mushroom," a
fungus said to hold the secret to longevity.
Watch Ye Yunfeng’s live report in the video below.

A few hours later, the mythical object that the naive TV reporter had
been poking and prodding -and even measuring - and that almost everybody
in the village has been touching, is soon identified… it's a sex toy!