Interesting before and after photos of terrorist who killed 39 people in Reina in Istanbul

Isis terrorists are not humans. For this reason they dont have any human right. We need to show him and his friends, the famous turkish hospitality until they tell every details of their terrorist act.

Who provided logistic supporter to him, in his flat, 195k usd was found in addition to his friend. For his friend, please look at the last photo.
Who gave this amount of money to him?

Are there any other intelligence agencies behind of these terrorist act?

What was the next target of him?
this bastard has two kids, i hope he will never ever see them again.

He likes taking selfie while planning to kill innocent people.

In the hands of justice, his body showed allergic symptoms to justice.

His allergy makes him chinese.

His friends somalia, senegal,iraq and egypt. one photo of his friend is missing.


By: turksdoitbetter (358.30)

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Location: Istanbul, ─░stanbul, Turkey