Thief knocks himself out after tripping on stairs

The surveillance camera captured an unusual incident that occurred during a robbery in Brazil last Tuesday, April 7.

A group of armed intruders, who drove up by car and motorcycle, began to rob people standing at a public transport stop awaiting the arrival of the bus.

Victims of the crime did not resist and gave the raiders money and valuables. At the end of the "event" one of the robbers became ill - the young man, armed with a pistol, tried to get into the car that was waiting for him, but staggered and could not maintain his balance.

The criminal lost consciousness, and accomplices had to literally drag him into the passenger compartment.

Nevertheless, the criminals managed to hide in an unknown direction, the police have not yet been able to detain one of them in order to attract responsibility, and at the same time, to find out the fate of their less persistent criminal comrade.


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