Five people, including two police officers, killed in two Turkish cities

A local police chief in eastern Turkey has escaped an assassination attempt while two of his aides were killed, as three others died in continuing clashes after the violent Oct. 7 protests.

Unidentified assailants shot at Bingöl province police chief Atalay Ürker on Oct. 9 while he was inspecting businesses damaged during the protests against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in which more than 20 people died two days ago. Ürker escaped the attack heavily injured, while two of his aides were killed.

The anti-ISIL protests continued in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on Oct. 9. Groups with opposing views clashed in two neighborhoods, leading to the deaths of at least three people.

Meanwhile, two shops that sell hunting rifles in Diyarbakır, another southeastern province, have been robbed on Oct. 9. Some 100 rifles, as well as guns and bullets, have been stolen.

Thousands of Kurds have taken to the streets to protest against what they see as Ankara's reluctance to help Kobani, a Syrian Kurdish town on the border besieged for weeks by ISIL militants.;amp;nID=72767&NewsCatID=509