Libyan coastguard chases pro migrant NGO boat out of their waters

"Go and never come back"

"you are acting like a service to smugglers"

"you are putting a lot of lives in danger"

"smugglers know that you are here so they are sending more and more everytime"

The above transcriptions are just but a few from a very telling story that was captured by the that operated in the Mediterranean this past summer.

This recent video reveals how the Libyan coastguard views the pro-immigration NGO's boats that operate within their waters.

As the pro-immigration NGO boat is chased out of their waters (under the watchful eye of the Defend Europe mission), the Libyan CoastGuard calls them "a service to smugglers".


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Tags: people smugglers, human traficking, modern slavery, ethnic cleansing, population displacement, Europe, mass illegal immigration, Defend Europe

Location: Libya