muslims at it again..Six Men Barred From Contact With Young Girls...

Six men from Birmingham who were ordered
to stay away from young girls to prevent sexual exploitation have been
named after a judge ruled they could be identified.

In an "innovative" legal move to prevent vulnerable
children from being sexually exploited, long-term injunctions have been
granted to stop the men from approaching "any female under 18" who they
are not personally connected to.

Birmingham City Council launched the court proceedings over concerns for the welfare of a 17-year-old girl who is in its care.

At the High Court this week, restrictions were placed on
Mohammed Anjam, Naseem Khan, Omar Ahmed, Mohammed Javed, Sajid Hussain
and Shah Alam - despite none of the men having been convicted of a crime
in relation to the teenager.

However, Mr Justice Keehan said he was satisfied that the
girl had been "sexually exploited" on a balance of probabilities basis.

Most of the men have denied any wrongdoing.

One told reporters that the injunctions were "racist",
while another complained of public perceptions "that this is what Asians
were doing".

The NSPCC backed the council's move, saying: "This is a
serious child protection issue, as several recent grooming cases have
graphically shown. The authorities must use every weapon in their
armoury to stamp it out.

"Our work in this area shows it is a sickening and
insidious crime which severely damages many young lives. This is a brave
step that may prove to be controversial, but any measured effort to
stop the foul activities of those seeking to exploit vulnerable children
is to be welcomed."

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police has described the
"anti-grooming orders" as "ground-breaking" - even though the force was
against naming the men in case their safety was compromised.

Detective Chief Superintendent Danny Long said: "Being
found in a hotel room with a child isn't a crime. Being in a taxi with a
child isn't a crime. Having the number of a vulnerable child in your
phone, or on your social media network, isn't a crime. But these
injunctions mean that it is now prohibited for these men.

"If they are found in the company of a vulnerable child by
police or children's services, an application will be made to
immediately send them to prison.

"We do not underestimate the impact these injunctions will
have on these men, but let us not forget the devastating impact child
sexual exploitation has on victims."

Birmingham City Council is set to request injunctions
against a number of other men on Thursday morning. One of them is a
criminal with convictions for burglary, sexual assault and
racially-aggravated public order offences.

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