Dad bought sweets for his kids... then slit their throats

Last pic of slaughter BritsTHIS is the moment Brit dad Julian Stevenson took his two young children to buy sweets at a French bakery — just hours before he allegedly slit their throats in a terrifying double-murder.In astonishing CCTV footage, Stevenson is seen calmly taking kids Mathew, 10, and Carla, five, into the boulangerie near his home in Lyon, France.

The children are both carrying balloons as they walk into the shop and the little girl makes a bee-line for some sweet jars she sees on a table.

The girl then appears thrilled when dad helps her pick out the treats before moving to the till to pay.

Stevenson, 47, from Cheltenham, Glos, is casually dressed in a dark-coloured jumper, long shorts and flip-flops and appears relaxed with the children as he orders a baguette.

There was no hint of the terrible events that were to take place just a few hours later.

Brit arrested for killing his children caught on CCTV Stevenson, 48, admitted killing his son, ten, and daughter, five, in his flat after a bitter custody fight with his ex

After paying at the counter Stevenson says goodbye and even waves to staff as he leaves the shop, his children in tow.

The day out was the first time he had been allowed unsupervised access to his kids since a bitter custody row erupted with ex-wife Stephanie over two years ago.

Horrifyingly, later that evening the former haulage depot worker is accused of savagely killing the children in his apartment.

Stevenson is said to have carried out the murders in a fit of rage before fleeing — covered in blood — on a pair of rollerskates.

He was arrested on Saturday night after the bodies of both children were found in his apartment.

And according to judicial sources Stevenson immediately admitted his role in the double-killing.

Baker Christophe Drevet, 47, said: “Mr Stevenson came into the shop on Saturday lunchtime with his two children. It was just after 12.30pm.

“They seemed happy. The children had balloons and he bought them sweets. There didn’t appear to be anything wrong. He also bought a baguette.

“We see a lot of him here. He is friendly with my staff and always talks to the servers.

“He has always come across as a nice man, but he changes when he drinks. He’s not very good with alcohol.

“It was obvious he was a foreigner. He spoke French well, but with an accent, we used to joke that he must be from Canada.

“I know hundreds of people, everybody comes here to buy their bread, but I remember Mr Stevenson because of his accent.

“This tragic incident has shocked everybody. He always appeared to be a good dad and a caring father.”

Stevenson has been living in France for 10 years.

He appeared in handcuffs before a French judge on Monday after being driven into Lyon's Tribunal de Grand Instances complex with his head hidden under a blanket.

His wife spoke to prosecutors on Sunday, providing them with their details of her troubled relationship with her ex-husband.

Investigators were particularly keen to know who gave the father legal authority to look after the children unsupervised.


Rest In Peace Mathew & Carla