Pink Floyd - Live Atlanta -The Omni Coliseum - Learning To Fly_Yet Another Movie

Fresh from my new YT account (07smyle), LMAO... this concert footage is kinda rare (that would be the entire concert video, not just these 2 tracks) and has some folk lore behind it... it's rumoured that the public source of the concert video was a master VHS tape stolen/found in Dave Gilmour's trash bin outside of his home back in the late 80's. Awww yes... the stuff of rock history and legends... The entire dvd is very good, considering the VHS source. Anyway... enjoy these 2 tracks... I could listen to Dave Gilmour 24/7 and never tire of him (kinda like SRV too!).

Pink Floyd played The Omni Coliseum in Atlanta on November 3-5, 1987 during their Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour and was professionally filmed by Calhoun Productions. Although it is unclear which nights these tracks comes from, Povey and Russell's In The Flesh book states that the entire 11/5/87 show was filmed using twenty-three Panavision video cameras and the entire show was to be aired on European television but was cancelled at the last minute. Some tracks from this concert were subsequently used as promo videos.
This new Waters-less incarnation of Pink Floyd featured an expanded cast of players with Guy Pratt on bass, Jon Carin on keys, Tim Renwick on guitar, Gary Wallis on percussion and Scott Page on saxophone and guitar. These performances also featured five backing vocalists. Rachel Fury and Margaret Taylor were the original backing vocalists for the tour with Durga McBroom joining from November onward and Lorelei McBroom and Roberta Freeman recruited for the Atlanta Omni shows.

Pink Floyd:
Jon Carin -- keyboards; vocals
David Gilmour -- vocals, guitars.
Nick Mason -- drums, percussion, drum machine.
Richard Wright -- keyboards, backing vocals (RIP)
Scott Page -- saxophone and guitar
Guy Pratt -- bass guitar and vocals
Tim Renwick -- guitars and vocals
Gary Wallis -- percussion
Margaret Taylor -- backing vocals
Roberta Freeman -- backing vocals
Rachel Fury -- backing vocals
Durga McBroom -- backing vocals
Lorelei McBroom -- backing vocals