Brazil: greek oil tanker accused of dumping tons of waste off brazilian coast

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Federal Police (PF) investigations indicate that the Bouboulina ship, from the Greek company Delta Tankers, is responsible for the oil spill that reaches the northeast coast.

Also according to investigations, the ship was detained in the United States for four days for "inaccuracies in operating procedures in the system of separation of water and oil discharge at sea." For MPF-RN, it is "crystal clear that there is strong evidence that NM Bouboulina, from Delta Tankers LTD., Was the ship involved in the oil spill that generated a marine pollution unprecedented in the history of Brazil."

“There are also strong indications that Delta Tankers, NM Bouboulina commander and crew have failed to communicate to the appropriate authorities about the release of 'crude oil' into the Atlantic Ocean that has polluted hundreds of Brazilian beaches. "


By: Felipe S (61.20)

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Location: Brazil